"As Creative Manager over photography, I’m always looking for talent that can help my team take it to the next level. Once we brought Tariq in and explained to him what we were looking for, who the studios were, and the challenges we were facing in the categories he would be responsible for, Tariq went to work designing sets (great illustrations that we were able to scan in our layouts prior to the photos coming). His ability to draw and communicate with the studios meant we had many images come back looking uncannily like the sketches he drew.


Tariq’s talent and project management really shined when he managed a photo shoot for over 140 photos, 30+ of them were sets, in just three and a half weeks. He worked closely with our Production Supervisors, Creative Supervisors and the studios to not only get the work done on time, but to produce some of the best photography for doors and windows we have produced as a company.

It’s always been a pleasure to work with Tariq. He takes direction well, gives direction well, and well, just does a superb job in pushing the work and getting result."

— Art Director- Sur La Table (Former Creative Manager - The Home Depot)