Thoughts on Design.

As an Art Director, my goal is to steer, guide, collaborate, and inspire the team I work with. When everyone is on the same path, moving in the direction set by the client good things happen.   

My creative process is straightforward. Find the problems, goals or objectives and then solve them. A simple but not so easy task. This starts with questions that help define the problem and begin to build a solution. 

Where do you want to go? Where does the brand need to go? Or even better, where have the customers gone? If you go there, that’s where you’ll find your sweet spot. 

What’s the point? Give me your goals and I’ll return some great ideas. Let’s find your audience and speak to them the way they want to be spoken to. 

Then get to the point. Good design, good branding, & effective campaigns get the point quickly. Leave out the fluff, let go of the cliches and nix the noise. 

I’m looking for opportunities to polish some ideas, leverage some brands and strategize some copy,  while having some fun in the process!