I was brought on at BioLab to head the the new creative services team. Along with hiring two additional designers, re-branding, redesigning, and establishing a high standard or design quality. My department handled the design and marketing efforts of the multiple brands creting the  BioLab family including AquaChem, BioGuard, Simplicity, Spa Essentials and Greased Lightning.

Clear Comfort Brochure

The original brochure had not been updated for years, the product hadn’t changed, and it only required a face lift.. Put in some new pictures, update the font, and voila! At least that’s what I thought.

After reading through the original, I noticed that  it was a pool care guide, but it was very confusing. I went through and grouped similar subjects, giving them clear headings with color coded headers on each page.  I also reordered  instructions so the were presented in a sequential order. Once finished , the new guide was much clearer and clearly more comfortable to use.

Graphic Design: David Crawford

Spa Essentials

Working on another brochure update, I realized that this brands biggest challenge was its lack of quality, interesting photography. Reshooting products from another in-house brand, I took the opportunity to get some fun product shots to better represent the brand.

I talked with the photographer, showing him some quick sketches of my ideas, and I worked directly with him to turn the concepts into new, interesting images. One of the shot was used in the updated brochure, putting some fresh air back into a product line being stifled by lacklucster images.

Graphic design: David Crawford

Synergy Brochure

 How do you communicate the ease of a 1-2-3, pool care in a box system? You could inform the consumer about steps 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 2.1,... and so on. At least that’s how our previous brochure handled it, and it didn’t sound very simple.

I had already selected new fonts and imagery for updated collateral.  So when I got the opportunity to revamp the message in this brochure, I first looked over the current copy and message and realized there was a lot of extra, unneeded information in the brochure. I streamlined the headline down to “think inside the box”. Then, I featured the three basic steps of keeping your pool fresh and clean. Now it really was easy as 1-2-3, pool care in a box.

graphic design: David Crawford