wknd Franchise

BioLab’s concept store, The wknd. Store, had a great logo and identity developed by Addis Cresson. It also had a location, and was in the process of being built. My team and I were charged with taking the “blueprints” of the identity and use them to build the framework of the brand including business cards, websites, stationery, and even vehicle graphics. As the Art Director I ensured that the designs we created were on brand. When we had to extend the brand standards to unexpected areas, like vehicle graphics, I became the protector of the brand, fighting to keep new designs consistent with the established look and feel.

Flyers, mailers, and door hanger. 

In supporting the wknd Store, my team created a wide range of collateral pieces including mailers, flyers, door hangers, fridge magnets, and signage.

As the art director, I worked directly with the client helping them to strategize the best approach to acheive the goals of each project. Using this knowledge, I help my team avoid any "wrong paths" and quickly get to the point of the project.

graphic design: David Crawford, myself  |   5 Star logo design: David Crawford

Franchise Brochure

BioLab’s concept store, The wknd Store, was up and running.Now it was time to fulfill the complete vision of this adventurous project; market the store as a potential franchise. 

Official franchise license in hand,  the franchise manager was ready to meet with prospective dealers and discuss the advantages of converting into a wknd Franchise. He needed a brochure to leave behind.

I took rough copy and tweaked it into a definitive message. The cover goes directly into the question,”What happens to your business when you retire”.  What’s next?

The brochure then builds the case for converting into a wknd. Franchise. We build the case that wknd is what’s next.

...........full brochure layout............

wknd invite

The wknd. Store set a goal to sell more spa’s. Using  information from their spa vendor, they targeted customers that had recently made serious inquiries about purchasing a spa.

The store manager organized a cheese and wine event and needed an upscale RSVP invite to mail to attendees. After working out the aesthetic needs with the manager, I took the project to the designers on my team.

My group and I brainstormed ideas and settled on a set of four cards, each with information about the event, all housed in a sleeve. Using a translucent vellum and metallic ink gave the invite that upscale feel. We only printed the date and time on one card so we only had to reprint one item to repurpose the invites for other event dates.

graphic design: John Christopher, David Crawford