Treza Franchise

Working with No Limit Media consulting, I helped extend the TreZa branding and I created copy as well as design for the final works. My copyrighting duties on this project started out of necessity.  The client liked my approach, and I continued doing copy on all other projects. 

Sunbrook Academy

Sunbrook Academy needed a boost in their franchise and advertising efforts. I worked with them to strengthen their brand image and brand message. In the process of creating designs, I also stepped in, creating the copy and messaging for their ads.

wknd. Ad

For this Wnkd. store ad, I wanted to illustrate the concept of a seven day weekend. I created the tagline and worked with a designer for the final design.

Gopd Ads

GOPD inc. just finished designing a new website that was more better looking, more user friendly, and now exhibited the sincere qualities of the company. So they wanted to shout out about it, and they asked me to help them get the word out. 


Sunbrook Direct Mail Campaign

I created postcard mailers for Sunbrook franchising. The mailers were made available to the franchisees, allowing them to choose the message and design that best fit their needs.


Simplicity Brochure

I started the redesign of this brochure with the tagline, " Think inside the Box". From there I selected fonts and supporting graphics and passed the elements to a designer that finished the layout.