Georgia Perimeter College

Tag Brochure

Georgia Perimeter College made strategic relationships with several four year colleges. Working with these other four-year colleges, they brokered that Georgia Perimiter students would be  guaranteed transfers into these other four year schools. 

They named it the Transfer Action Guarantee, or TAG. The asked me to create a brochure that communicated not on the the info, but gave some energy and excitement to this new program.

Study Abroad Brochure

Georgia Perimeter College has a very diverse student body. They also have a very active international studies department.

For the study abroad program, the college needed to reach it's diverse student body and dispel with the outdated misconcpetions about studying abroad, including studying abroad was only for affluent students, and that it was mainly focused at European countries. 

The head of the probram contacted students and faculty, collecting photos and statement form their respective study abroad experiences. 

I integrated the pictures and quotes into the brochure, illustratingthe diverse experiences and varied destinations that were accessible through the program.  

Assorted Brochures

As a graphic designer at Georgia Perimeter College, I worked within the Marketing and Public Relations dept. During my time there, I worked on projects ranging from class schedules to grand opening ceremonies.