Estilo business cards

Janero Burke wanted to create a movement with Estilo, helping men realize personality and potential through clothes and fashion.

Designing his logo and collateral, I choose to create a card that feels smartly dressed and embodies the brand story of Estilo. 

Aquachem brand standards


After years of inconsistent packaging and graphics that didn’t deliver on their “Simply Smarter Poolcare” tag line, Aqua Chem completely redesigned their labels to be customer friendly and easy to use. 

Pulling from the new label graphics, my group extended the new look past the label redesign. We created brand standards, establishing guidelines for collateral, website, brochures, store POP, and any other visual material.

Design: David Crawford, John Christopher, & myself as Art Director and designer


Agent Webspring collateral, web banners and print ads


Frank Robinson needed graphics for every part of his new start-up Agent Webspring. First I focused on the logo. It needed to be modular, allowing for the “Agent” to be replaced by other terms such as “Medical”. 

Then I created the business cards and stationery. Lastly, print and web ads were created to complete the package.


Thinkbook and Enginewitty Logos

Along with two separate logo, Frank Robinson Inc. needed designs for access cards as well.  

I have included the ideation and iterations presented before the final logos were selected.

After designing the logo for ThinkBook and Enginewitty, I help layout access cards, giving users access to the Thinkbook and Enginewitty online applications.


Rapid Fire Tools

Performance IT was launching a new service named Rapid Fire Tools. It included several web based services that augmented their IT capabilities.

The goal was to create an overall identity, and also sub identities for the services offered within the main product. I created icons/logos to represent the different services, as well as graphic treatment to represent them when branded alone. 

American Pinata logo and website

" When I decided to build a website to help promote my book, I knew it would be a difficult process because it had to incorporate a number of aspects. After coming up empty in my search for a designer, a friend recommended Tariq...

I would highly recommend him to anyone building a website, whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or are just shooting from the hip."

Kevin Hazzard, Author of American Pinata


Enlyfe Packaging

A small supplement business needed to repackage on of it's mail main products. They had a very short time frame, and needed a final design asap.

To get a final product as quickly as possible, I created several almost finished designs, each with a distinctive look and feel.

From there the owner was able to quickly choose the a design, and I was able to produce a print ready design the next day. 


The Weekly Revolver logo

Studio Revolver needed a new look to launch it online comics anthology. Working with a retro/gunslinger concept, I created the graphic that would be the masthead for the website and the logo for other collateral.