Set Photography

As Lead Artist at Home Depot, I was over bath, kitchens and millworks (doors, windows, and moulding).

Along with directing the aesthetics of the photography, I also handle the logistics of shipping merchandise and fostering relationships with photographers and vendors.

Product Photography

Can product shots be more than flat and un-inspiring? I think so. BioLab's previous product photography was generally flat and washed out. I re-shot the products, giving them a sense of volume and some visual weight.

On-site photography

For this photo shoot, I went armed with sketches and ideas. The sketches helped get the photographer and the model on the same page as me. This aided us in getting the right shot in a short time.

Styling & Direction

The goal of this project was to showcase three tiers of Home Depot bath decor.

I put together an style sheet of products, colors and angles. The sets were built according to these specs.  

Comps and Illustrations

Oftentimes getting the right shot is aided by a clear sketch of the final image. My past experience in a storyboard studio helps me create the vision for that "righ

Art Direction:

Storganize for Home Depot

This project was challenging and difficult. I needed to depict the product while also illustrating the benefits. I went thru several rounds of edits before getting the final shot.