Treza Restaurant 

Working with No Limit Media consulting, I helped extend the Treza branding and design to cover a full range of collateral and print needs. Spearheading the project, I created designs for all aspects of the restaurant ranging from napkins to menu boards to the franchise brochure. 

The grand opening was on November 2011 at Brookwood Plaza. 


I started the project redesigning the Treza menu, and went from there to establish a new look for the logo and visual assets that branded the restaurant.

Franchise Brochure

Just as important as the restaurant, establishing the brand for the franchise was paramount. The brand message and goal of Treza was natural, delicious, and authentic. I pulled these ideas into the franchise brochure, highlighting the actual food from the treza restuarant as well as paying homage to Treza's use of locally grown produce. 

Promotional mailers and flyers

The grand opening called for lots of promotional materials to get the word out. We created mailers, doorhangers and flyers.

Restaurant Collateral

Ramping up for the grand opening, all aspects of the restaurant had to be addressed, including the napkins t-shirts and even cups. Working the majority of the copy for this project, I had establish a fun, clever tone for much of the copy. 

In Store Posters