As an director at BioLab, I helped build the creative team, hiring two designers and heading all projects. My duties included creating print ads for the many brands represented by the company.  Working with the marketing team and brand managers, my process included identifying the specific challenges encountered by the brand, and then forging a message to help educate or overcome the challenge.

wknd. Ad

Often as an art director, my goal is to allow designers to “do  their thing”. While other times I’m a spring board for their ideas. For this magazine ad, I was more a tag-team partner.

The designer created a great headline for the ad and made several layouts. I took his layouts, making them more straightforward since the targeted audience was “mom and pop” pool dealers. 

I also added an illustration to give the headline more relevance. From here the designer took the ad back from me and made the illustration look even better. 

In the end, I think our dual effort resulted in a lasting message.

Design assist: John Christopher

BioGuard Counter Video

The Canadian arm of BioGuard needed a simple promotion to inform their dealers about the sales benefits of putting this monitor at their cash registers. 

Working with the brand manager, he gave me a list of benefits and advantages. I simplified them and commissioned a copywriter to create a list of  headlines that could be used. 

I then created a general layout for the ad, and photographed the monitor to use in the ad. Turning over the finished parts to a designer, he created an awesome layout that BioLab Canada was very pleased with.

Graphic Design: David Crawford

Simplicity Ads

Who are you trying speak to. What are the barriers blocking them from adopting your brand. You have to bridge this gap to win over customers.

The simplicity brand was in the midst of uncovering these questions when I began updating their magazine ads. Our goal was to appeal to dealers who then purchase from our distributors. 

We highlighted the ease of stocking Simplicity given it was a complete solutions system. You don’t have to stock anything else.