Treza Restaurant

Working with No Limit Media consulting, I helped extend the Treza branding and design to cover a full range of collateral and print needs. Spearheading the project, I directed the creative look ranging from napkins to menu boards to the franchise brochure.

The grand opening was on November 2011 at Brookwood Plaza.

Franchise Brochure

I used the concept of natural and authentic, highlighting the actual food from the Treza restuarant as well as paying homage to Treza's use of locally grown produce.

Promotional mailers and flyers

The grand opening called for lots of promotional materials to get the word out. We created mailers, door-hangers and flyers.

assorted restaurant collateral

I created the design for the full range of items needed to promote and maintain the restuarant. 


I was brought on at BioLab to head a new creative services team. My department handled the design and marketing efforts for multiple brands of the BioLab portfolio, including AquaChem, BioGuard, Simplicity, Spa Essentials and Greased Lightning.


Clear Comfort Brochure

 The original brochure had not been updated for years, the product hadn’t changed, and it only required a face lift.

I went through, grouping similar topics and adding clear headings for the sections. 

Franchise Brochure

BioLab’s concept store, The wknd Store, was up and running.Now it was time to fulfill the complete vision of this adventurous project; market the store as a potential franchise. 

The brochure then builds the case for converting into a wknd. Franchise, building the case that wknd is what’s next.


In supporting the wknd Store, my team created a wide range of collateral pieces including mailers, flyers, door hangers, fridge magnets, and invites.

As the art director, I worked directly with the client helping them to strategize the best approach to acheive the goals of each project. From there, my team and myself worked on the final designs.


Baseball Invite

Safeguard had a baseball event, and they wanted a special way to invite potential franchisees.

Working with No Limit Media, I initially started working on a usual postcard size invite, but the client asked for something with more punch and excitement. I opted for a sliding postcard.

As a promotional mailer, I made sure that the full message of the the invite was on the exterior of the invite. And as the other faces of the invite slid out, more detailed information would be revealed. 


Print Ads

Safeguard required a templat layout  for their print ads. They wanted their message to be straightforward, bold, and able to highlight their current vendors and workers. 

Email Ads

Safeguard sent weekly ads to potential franchisees. I helped create these email blast from conception to finish, also providing the copy for the headlines. 

Sunbrook Franchise

Franchise Banners

Sunbrook wanted to place posters in their franchises to help build their brand message with current customers. I created the layouts and copy. 


Print Ad

The Sunbrook franchise manager wanted to create a promotion consisting of an print ad and a matching online Landing page to get new leads for Sunbrook Franchises. 

We worked closely, creating the copy and selecting a final image to be the face of the campaign. I created the print ad, and it's call to action was going to the landing page. The landing page collected important information from the user, and then allowed the franchise manager to contact them directly.   


I created several concepts to give a visual face Sunbrook's Foundations program. 

Franchise Brochure concepts

To help with a promotion to attract potential franchisees, I created several layout for a possible franchise brochure.