Rapid Fire Tools

Tradeshow Collateral

With a tradeshow looming, Performance It needed updated collateral for it's RapidFire Tools application. I had create the previous designs for some features of the RapidFire application the previous year, but they now wanted to re-focus the brand in a different direction. 

I borrowed the colors from the previous design and created icons for the four different applications in the RapidFire suite. 

I created an angled orange bar to brand the RapidFire collateral. This diagonal bar is graphic and easily seen, setting it apart from the barrage of collateral attendees collect at tradeshows. 


RapidFireTools needed a website to highlight and detail the several service offered under it's banner. 

I created the website and supporting graphics, including the logo/icon system for the various RapidFireTools products. I used a simple "raised button" graphic along with color coding and a specific icon for each product. The raised buttow links them to a similar product while the colors and icons differentiate between the unique services.