Baseball Invite

Safeguard had a baseball event, and they wanted a special way to invite potential franchisees.

Working with No Limit Media, I initially started working on a usual postcard size invite, but the client asked for something with more punch and excitement. I looked into my morgue file, remember some very cool and interesting promotional samples I had kept. 

After getting an okay of the budget, I went forward with designing the invite based on a slide out design. As a promotional mailer, I made sure that the full message of the the invite was on the exterior of the invite. And as the other faces of the invite slid out, more detailed information would be revealed. 

Print Ads

Safeguard requested a template for print ads to help get their franchise message across. They wanted their message to be straightforward, bold, and able to work with their existing photography.  

I went through a design process with them, creating several templates. And we rather quickly settled on the final design below. They wanted a bold approach that allowed them to utilize their existing photography.