In the course of directing photo shots, I'm sometimes called to help with the conception of the set, including the styling and decoration of the scene.

Home Depot Good, Better, Best project

I was charged with overseeing a ccomplex project that wanted to showcase three tiers of home depot batch projects.. They wanted one dream bathroom, using the most expensive bath offerings, then step down a price point for a "better" bathroom, then use their discount offering for a "good" selection of bathwares. 

I put together an idea sheet of products, colors and angles. After getting internal approval from the Merchants( who were the clients for the photography), I presented the concepts to the photostudio. The set for the "Best" scene took a week to build. I worked with the set dresser and account exec along the process to make sure everything proceeded with no problems. 

The CD and Merchant were very happy with the final results.

Best Bathroom

Good and Better Bathrooms