XP Migration Landing page

Rapid Fire Tools Inc. created an online application to help IT pro's to check their current computers and determine if they were compatible with the new Windows 8 operating system.

I created a visual guide to help users track their progress. This system help them to not only understand each step, but also helped get all the needed info as they progressed through the process. 


UI: AquaChem Water Analysis Portal

Aquachem needed a new, more user friendly interface for their online pool analysis portal. This portal receives more than 25,000 visitors per month, and greatly influenced sales. I took the older, less intutive design and simplified the steps, also making the interface more friendly visually.  

Along with the visual design, I created wireframes to work out the UX for the project. 


Working with Mowie inc., they needed  a fresh approach to present to their client, award winning director Marty Callner. 

The client particularly liked this concept because of the bold way his name is incorporated into the design .  www.martycallner.com


UI: Pro IT Dashboard ( portal application )

The client asked me to help them work out the look and fell for their ProIT web application. 

The goal was to streamline the interface and make it easier for users to read the many different reports displayed in the dashboard.



After guiding the design of their log, Moblty asked me to helm the design of their website. I presented several approaches, focusing on their service oriented model. They instruct and guide their customers, helping them with the mobile message service offered by Moblty. www.moblty.com

Pro IT flash presentation

PerformanceIT wanted a video that showcased and explaned the technologies of its ProIT software.  I first created an introduction that highlighted the features of the system, and then made several explanatory animaitons breaking down how these features worked and what made them better. click here for Proit Flash Presentation


Revolution Ice Cream

Jared Olkin, founder of Revolution ice cream needed help with branding, including a logo and a website. For the final design we settled on an  energized approach, utilizing red and a modern font for the logo.  Revolution is about good, naturally made products, so I put the focus on the use of natural ingredients.


UI: Icons

I have extensive experience designing and creating user interface layouts and graphics.  

The Real Housewives social game

Having lead role for Background art for the Real Housewives, I created the look, feel, and spatial game-play for the Facebook game. I worked with one other artist, and I keep my small team on time, creating more than thirty custom backgrounds in two months. 


RapidFire Tools website

For the redesign of their website, RapidFire Tools wanted to add some of the branding from the tradeshow and print campaigns. I added the detective character, created new logos, and designed a new menu system.  www.rapidfiretools.com

The Walking Dead Mobile

Working on The Walking Dead Mobile game, I participated on all levels of the game design including art, UI, and backgrounds. I specifically led a team of artists helping translate assets from the Facebook version into ones that worked well with mobile devices. (the samples shown are of the Facebook game- the mobile game is still in development)